Jemma M - Abby Winters

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Age: 21 | Height: 172 cm | Aries

Before the Shoot :

Well, i’m back for yet another shoot. Having fun sitting here with the other models having a chat about life and what not. Looking forward to what today’s shoot has in store.

After the Shoot :

So much fun ... the shoot went smoothly and everyone was super awesome. All the poses came so naturally today. It was all just on.

Jemma M for Abby Winters

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    hot naturally girl, would like to meet you!!!

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    Amen! What a gorgeous looking girl! I think I would crawl naked through a barrel of broken glass just to kiss her bottom.

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    i love you xxxx gemma m

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    Any more shoots planned for Jemma M? I am a fan, I’ve downloaded all her shoots so far. A girl-girl shoot featuring Jemma would be fantastic.

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    Beautiful girl next door material. I like the innocent geeky nature about her. Her pale skin, cute face, small perky tits, lovely hard pink nipples, curvy hips, nice little tuft of pubes, tasty looking fresh young pussy, beautiful legs and sexy feet with cute toes all make this young lady a delight to look at naked. Her little breasts are my favourite, so white and edible, so perky I could fondle them for hours. Her nipples are nice and hard and perfectly proportioned for her tits. I also love it when she spreads open delicious young pussy lips and shows us how tight and wet she is. Perfect sized pussy lips a wonderful looking clit. I wish she masturbated for us in an IM.

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    What size are your beautiful little tits, Jemma? I think they are an A or B cup. They look nice and soft to touch with perky little nipples. I love it when you spread open your pussy and show us your young wet cunt. So pink and fresh and beautifully shaped with a nice little clit. Based off the pussy juice in your cunt, I’d say you quite enjoyed the shoot ;)

    I like that there’s 3 years between your first and last shoot. It’s quite nice seeing how you’ve changed and your body has developed over the years. As a lover of small breasts, it’s good to see that your tits haven’t grown much over the years. Your breasts look perfect on you! Also it gives me hope that you might return for another shoot in the near future :)

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    That young Australian cunt sure does look delicious. Those little white breasts also look like a lot of fun to play with. Nice and soft with hard chewable nipples. I would fondle her chest for hours given the opportunity. I want to know what happened when she told her housemates about posing naked online. Did they all sit around and look at her naked pictures together? Was her boyfriend there too? Because that would be super hot if they did.

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    What a delicious tight young cunt. Thanks for spreading your legs for us and giving us a tour of your lovely pink pussy. Your pussy flaps are a very nice size. You obviously enjoyed the shoot with juices running out of your cunt in some of the close ups. Just a shame you didn’t relieve yourself on camera. Nice set of tits too btw.

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  • Carolina S :

    Image #114: Commissioner Gordon just lit up the bat signal :p

    I hope Batman turns up soon (Hopefully in the ’Girls and Their Boys’ section) and gives her the good rogering she deserves!

  • Carolina S :

    Sensational body, beautiful breasts, love your long meaty cunt lips.

  • Kimberley :

    Kimberley is smokin’ hot - even with that awful haircut. :)

  • Addie :

    Lovely red pubes! And the rest of her too.

  • Amanda K :

    Would love to lick those cute toes and fondle your beautiful little tits. It’s a shame you didn’t spread open your cunt for us in this shoot but at least we get to see it partially spread on ISM with your delicious pink lips and small clit. Damn your sexy!!

  • Kandice :

    Show me a man who doesn’t like under-boob and I’ll show you a liar.
    Great body!
    Great shots!
    Thank you!

  • Jay :

    wow youre so nice

  • Paula :

    I just ran across a photo of you on one of the sites. I had to stop and find as many photos of you that i could. Of all the naked women I have ever gazed upon on the web, you are the only woman I can honestly say I could fall in love with. If such a thing exists.

    I used to be a member a long time ago. I want to say maybe 2002-2003. And we used to chat occasionally. I hope you are as well as ever.

    Robert(the southwest psychic) in Arizona, USA

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