Irena - Abby Winters

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Age: 20
Height: 171

Before the Shoot :

I’m still a bit tired from work yesterday but ready to go ! i’m exited and nervous ( But just a little bit :) ). Wanna get it started.

After the Shoot :

Ok now I’m really tired after the shoot :) It was easier than expected. very relaxing and chilled. Enjoyed the day. Hope to do that again.

Irena for Abby Winters

  • A distracting beauty indeed.

  • You looks like Alyssa Milano! Beautiful & sexy!

  • I know this girl. I lived with her for a few months. She has the sexiest body and accent to boot. Pity she has a girlfriend... Would love to catch up with her again! If you read this, send me a message babe. ;) xox

  • you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen in my life, to see for the first time I was in love with you. I love you, yours forever PPAAUU

  • Hi Irena I never tire of seeing your eyes are so full of joy that I catch, I’ll leave my post, kisses and hugs. PPAAUU

  • Irena,I love you. I want to marry you.

  • Wowee Irena what an attractive young lady you are! I love the photo where you are shyly pulling your knickers down and trying to hide your tits at the same time. Obviously the photo with your legs open and tits on display is my favourite with all your private girly parts visible. I’d love to see more and any with you on all fours would be great so as to get a look up your lovely bum.

  • True definition of beauty, I love you magnificent breasts. I’m not usually a big fan of body percing but it looks great on you. Keep doing good pictures like these

  • Irena, you are a babe!! Gorgeous face, lovely small perky tits that I could fondle for hours topped off with your cute pink nipples. Your body is the perfect size and weight with pale skin long legs and sweet toes and feet. Your delicious tight young cunt is a masterpiece too, nice neat pussy lips and a cute little clit. I loved watching you play with yourself, rubbing your beautiful tits and fingering that sweet young cunt of yours until you came to an exciting, body-shaking orgasm on IFM. You should never be allowed to wear clothes with a body like that!

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