Dewisandra - Abby Winters

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Before the Shoot :

Hello, its me again ! Another exciting day coming up ! Are you curious ? Cause I am !

After the Shoot :

I enjoyed my lunch, i enjoyed the sun, and I enjoyed myself ! Its awesome !

Dewisandra for Abby Winters

  • Mmmm, nice to see the progression of Dewisandra from a girl who didn’t open her legs on her first shoot to one gives us a cute little smile as she not only opens her legs but spreads her cunt lips to show us her vagina.

    The only downside is that she’s shaved off her pubic hair

  • Dewisandra is beautiful. I gave her a top vote. Good for you girl, spreading your luscious shaved cunt for us to enjoy. Her pussy is gorgeous in the last pic too, what a sexy slit.

  • Yes, a full score from me too. Nothing nicer than a hairy pussy to gaze at, but Dewisandra’s vagina is horny shaved or otherwise. That close-up of her glorious fanny (yes, I am Aussie, not a yank, fanny = pussy), is out of this world. I love her protruding inner lips, and the texture of her pussy mound. And she separates those pussy lips so keenly in another shot. Vert pretty face, so her spreading that beautiful shaved cunt of hers is even more horny. Dan, Q. Oz

  • She’s beautiful. I believe the Abby girls get extra money if they do extra rude things, and I am glad Dewisandra went for that. Don’t think I could have survived seeing her beautiful face and then be deprived of an open pussy shot, especiaally with her pretty face in the same shot as her pussy. There are two extra good ones here,one smiling and one not, and bothe are great. I would change my sex to be an Abby photographer just to take pics of this girl. Would love to be directing her to make that upside-down V shape with fingers and spread her girly lips. A lot of girls have a pussy, but Dewisanra’s protruding inner lips and nice full mound deserves the title of "cunt" , and this is an absolutely gorgeous cunt that she has between those lovely legs of hers. . No wonder you want to show it off so well, Dewisandra, and spread it for all to see. Rob.

  • I agree with a lot of the above comments - she has an amazing shaved cunt. I love the spreads, with her crouching & looking at us.

  • I have given her 5 stars: one for her beautiful face, one for each tittie, and 2 for her beautiful shaved snatch.

  • Love the pic of her smiling and spreading her pussy lips!

  • she has a sweet smile, her breasts are very handy and her shaved pussy is definitely super tight. just great

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