Chere - Abby Winters

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Before the Shoot :

I’m a little tired but so excited for the shoot ! The weather is dull, but i’m not ! I can’t wait to see how the photos turn out ... being an exhibitionist and all !!

After the Shoot :

What a thrill ! It was really fun and relaxed, it’s left me feeling confident and proud.

Chere for Abby Winters

  • You are so beautiful. Your face is so captivating. You’re absolutely adorable. I just can’t wait for more photos of you.

  • You have magnificent boobs. DP

  • Your photos have left me breathless. I normally like to see a hairy pussy but yours looks so beautiful shorn of its pubes. I love the dress you are wearing.

  • write me to:
    please, i m from Perú, my name is Jorge.


  • You are so elegant Chere. Your haircut is wonderful and compliments wonderfully your beautifl looks. Your little tattoo says desire and yes, you are utterly desireable.

  • I keep returning to your photos Chere because you are one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen.

  • As well as being stunningly beautiful Chere you also look very athletic. I love the shot of you resting your leg on the window ledge. Not only is it very balletic but also incredibly erotic.

  • It really is nice (well,much more than nice - wonderful’s a better word)that beautiful girls like you Chere are happy to take your clothes off to excite men and some women I suspect. I have to say that I find you terribly exciting to look at. I’m really looking forward to seeing some more photos of you some time. Thanks and best wishes from an admirer in a cold and wet England.

  • I have just found some more lovely shots of you from this shoot on the Sugarcut site. As well as loving your dress I also find your knickers charming. Especially as you ease them off. Needless to say it’s not long before I’ve eased myself off.

  • I hate to seem too forward Chere but I wonder if next time you do a photo shoot could you possibly ease open your pussy lips ever so slightly. You are beatiful all over and I expect the entrance to your vagina is just as adorable.

  • Chere you are so wonderful. I have fantasised about making love to you as I masturbate. I’d love to see some shots of you fingering your pussy and getting yourself nice and moist.
    Well, one can dream.

  • I really should be doing some work in the garden but when it’s cold and wet outside I’d much rather stay inside and admire the beauty of Chere and imagine what a great pleasre it would be to make love to her.

  • As 2010 is almost over I thought I’d choose my favourite three girls of the year. A difficult choice to make when there are so many fabulous beauties on the Abby Winters site but my top three are the fantastic Chere, Nicole D and Mykala.

  • Hopefully in 2011 there will be some more photos of stunningly beautiful Chere.

  • As the seasons pass I wait expectantly for more photos of wonderful Chere but alas my wait appears to be a forlorn one.

  • This site has introduced me to some of the most breathtakingly gorgeous women I have ever seen. You’re one of them.

  • So pretty. I bet she’s had many admirers of that delicious bald fanny

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