Belinda F - Abby Winters

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Age: 23
Height: 163
City: Melbourne

Before the Shoot :

Well I haven’t been around for a while but I’m so excited to be working with these luulies again to hopefully bring you a exciting and another fun happy shoot.
I can’t wait for you all to see me in action again and I promise to my best for the camera’s.
See u soon. Big sloppies

After the Shoot :

Hey everyone,
Well I worked really hard today to bring you a awesome shoot.
I’m happy that we’re done because even though it’s always so much fun, i’m knackered.
I hope you all like my birthday suit on my birthday shoot.
Well that’s it for me, pub time, yay.
Lots a love

Belinda F for Abby Winters

  • You are very cute and have a wonderful body. As a girl the GYN shots get you more money, however with your fingers in your vagina are soo sexy, spreading for a toy or another girl kissing is fun to see. Your smile is so beautiful when your nude, keep a smile when your dressed-Cheers to a lovely girl-Suzi

  • Them eyes are captivating not to mention other parts of you. makes me hungry for more.

  • Belinda, you are a gorgeous woman all over, but you have an amazing hairy pussy & you know how to use it to turn men on.I would give my right arm (no my left, I need my right arm for pulling myself to your pics), anyway, would give my left arm to have been at this photoshoot - would be curious what goes on, & whether you pulled & fingered your luscious hairy cunt without prompting, or if the girl photographer asked you to "stick your fingers in your pussy & open your lips up," etc. That would be so horny to experience first hand.Well, you really do the extreme on your cunt lips, pulling back your piss flaps wide, fingers in, showing us your vagina hole, fantastic pics to wank to, as long as I get to see your face as well — would be extra nice to have those cunt-playing pics in the same shot as your face too, that is always extra horny. Nice pussy without any finger manipulation too, nice & hairy, but sparce enough to show your fanny lips. Keep it hairy,Belinda, it is gorgeous. You deserve a lot more votes for your good looks & all your naughty pussy efforts.D.

  • When I saw the first pic of Belinda dressed, I guessed she had a hairy pussy, & I wasn’t disappointed. Nice hairy cunt, & I love the way she shows it off so all we obsessives can get erections. Would love to pull myself as she pulls back her snatch for me, & drop my sperm onto her hairy pussy lips,especially if she were posed like that upside-down shot— pulling her cunt back to the extreme. That is very rude & beautiful at the same time.

  • I like your boobs very much, and I love the picture where your pussy is creamy!
    You look very passionate!

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